What we do!

LED Innovations provides commercial LED lighting and retrofit services for buildings and users with an average monthly electric bill in excess of $400 per month in the Detroit metro area. Generally we save our customers 30-50% of their total electric monthly bill. We specialize in four key areas which set us apart from the competition.


We deal directly with over 30 LED manufacturers in China and US. Our bulbs are usually 50% of our competition’s price and almost always carry longer warranties.  Be very careful of 5 year warranties




We work with Detroit Edison directly for each job and fill out all necessary paperwork (As long as your monthly bill is over $400 per month) to facilitate the highest possible rebate for your installation.




When retrofitting or converting to LED’s you can involve us in as little or as much as you want; many sites we act just as consultants and bulb suppliers.  We highly recommend using our specialists, they have been doing (more…)


LED Technology has changed substantially in the last few years. Ten percent of our business is removing someone else’s bad decisions with LED lighting.  You can still save over 50% of your lighting bill by replacing inefficient an inappropriate (more…)

Savings Calculator!

Annual Energy Saving / ROI Calculator

Step 1.Calculate the total kilowatts saved by replacing the inefficient lamps with more efficient lamps

Enter Original Lamp Wattage


Enter Replacement Lamp Wattage


Watts Saved per Lamp

Enter Numbers of Lamps to replace


Total Watts Saved


Annual Energy Saving / ROI Calculator

Step 2.Calculate the total kWh per year saved by this upgrade

Total Kilowatts Saved


Enter Hours Used per Day

Enter Days Used per Week

Enter Weeks Used per Year


Total kWh Saved per Year

Annual Energy Saving / ROI Calculator

Step 3. Calculate the total energy costs saved per year by this upgrade

Total kWh Saved per Year


Current energy Cost per kWh


Total Energy Savings per Year

Annual Energy Saving / ROI Calculator

Step 4. Compute the payback of the upgrade

Enter Initial Cost of Lighting Upgrade


Total Energy Savings per Year


Years for Payback on Investment

Months for Payback on Investment


Past Clients

Description of Project/Client Building Project Cost DTE Rebates Check DTE ROI Months 10 Year Savings
Main North Lofts (Royal Oak)
Read More
$ 22,359 $ 22,402
[ 0 ] $ 445,560
Ellington Lofts (Detroit)
Read More
$ 4,486 $ 2,250
[ 8.2 ] $ 48,100
Birmingham Place     
$ 65,200 $ 41,366
[ 3.2 ] $ 760,000
Daisy Square Condominiums (Plymouth)
$ 10,900 $4,965
[ 12 ] $63,333
Quality Tool & Gear (Redford) (614) 687-0209
$ 16,500 $11,000
[ 2.3 ] $250,000